About Us

Welcome to Breath of Salt, the only halotherapy salt spa in the Midlands! We welcome each client and guest with open arms, warmth, compassion, kindness and grateful hearts for the opportunity to serve each of you

Breath of Salt has a state-of-the-art Halo-generator that grinds crystal salt into a fine mist of salt 1-5 microns in size and blows it into a room filled with 2,500 lbs. of Himalayan salt covering the floor. The salt room is appointed with beautiful wall decorations also made of Himalayan salt.

Guests can relax on our zero gravity loungers for 45 minutes of therapeutic bliss. Low ambient lighting and soft music fill the room as the halo-generator grinds and blows in pharmaceutical grade salt that is welcome relief to the lungs and sinuses. The dry salt provides relief from respiratory ailments by helping to shrink swollen membranes, aiding in easier breathing.

The particles of salt concentration range from 0.5-15.0 milligrams per cubic meter to ensure safe, low and gradual concentration of salt.

Our salt sanctuary can help you feel better whether your visit is part of a physician’s treatment plan or as a complementary or alternative treatment as part of your own personal wellness plan.

Come and breathe the salty air!

I no longer use my inhalers nor do I have an oxygen tank to carry around. I have not had to take antibiotics since August of 2014. I do use a salt inhaler instead of the chemicals with all the side effects. I still have these horrible diseases but using the salt therapy they are under control.

Brenda Streett

Owner/Operator, Breath of Salt Spa