Salt Therapy

Salt therapy, or Halotherapy, is a natural, drug-free therapy for respiratory diseases. It provides effective relief and can be used as an alternative or complementary therapy for with your prescribed medicine. It is beneficial for all ages, especially those with respiratory and skin ailment without side effects, and helps to build your immune system.

Salt therapy can dramatically enhance sports and singing performances and improve lung function by increasing lung capacity and stamina.

Breath of Salt serves clients with chronic respiratory ailments and severe allergies. Due to the sensitive needs of our guests, the salt sanctuary is reserved for nonsmokers. If you have been an active smoker, please allow two weeks after cessation from smoking before scheduling an appointment. Thank you for your understanding.

Session Pricing

Individual Adult Price Seniors (60+)
Single Session $35 $30
3 Sessions $90 $80
6 Sessions $160 $135
12 Sessions $270 $230

All passes are good for 90 days with the exception of membership passes.

Parent and Child Price Parent with 2 or 3 children
Single Session $25 $45
3 Sessions $63 $93
6 Sessions $114 $174
12 Sessions $204 $324

All children must be accompanied by a parent. All passes are good for 90 days.

Group Reservation

Private 45 minute group session – $200

Therapy room will accommodate up to 10 people. You do not have to have 10 people but all private group sessions are the same price.

Membership Program

1 Month Membership – $360/person

24 visits +1 free pass per week (not accumulative)

1 Year Membership – $3600/person

Payable monthly, quarterly semi-annually or annually (contract applies).

Some discounts may apply for payment in full.

24 visits plus 12 free visitor passes. May use individually or accumulate and reserve the salt room for a group session for 10.

In 1843, doctor Felix Boczkowski formulated that the presence of the air in the salt mines in Wieliczka in Poland saturated with dry salt particles caused healing effects on people with pulmonary and respiratory problems. Today the Wieliczka Salt Mine is operating as the largest Underground Rehabilitation and Treatment Center. They are the world leader in providing innovative rehabilitation and treatment of respiratory diseases by combining both the natural microclimate of the underground salt excavations and the best practices of contemporary medicine.