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Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

Did You Know

January 22,2020

Did you know...That Himalayan Salt has antihistamine and expectorant properties?

Did you know...That Himalayan Salt is anti-bacterial?

Did you know...That Himalayan Salt is Anit-inflamatory?

Did you know...That Himalayan Salt helps to shrink swollen membranes, opens up your airways so you can breathe better?

Himalayan Lamps

January 22, 2020

Himalayan Salt lamps are a wonderful asset to your health and the beauty of your home office or college dorm. 

Pure Himalayan Crystal Salt contains miraculous healing properties for both our environment and our bodies. 

The air is filled with negative and positive ions. To maintain a healthy atmosphere, these negative and positive ions must remain in balance. However, electronic devices and our home heating and cooling systems produce so many positive ions that our air is thrown off balance - resulting in stress, sleep disorders, migraine headaches and allergies. Most of which can lead to respiratory problems. 

Now you can help counter the effects of these devices, reducing stress on your body and purifying the air with the extortionary healing properties of Himalayan Crystal Salt. The worlds only natural ionizer and air purifier.


Himalayan Salt Cart, 2014 

Salt Spas/Salt Rooms/ Salt Caves

January 22, 2020

Salt Saps come in many shapes sizes and are now all over the United States. We're all here to promote better health overall and help those who are having respiratory difficulties, stressed, and need to detox or just come to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. We at Breath of Salt hope you will make an appointment to come in and relax and breath the salty air. If you are not local, find one near you and go experience the healing atmosphere. Go get salted!!